Apple (AAPL) will host a product event Wednesday at 13:00 ET where the company is expected to refresh several of its products including iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, and Apple Watch.


Apple is expected to refresh its 5.8 inch iPhone X which will be called the iPhone XS. 

The company is expected to introduce a 6.8 inch iPhone which will be called the iPhone X Max.

Both the iPhone Xs and X Max will feature faster processors, updated cameras, and organic light-emitting diode displays. Finally, the company will introduce a budget iPhone that will feature a 6.1 inch LCD display. All three iPhones will feature Face ID (3-D sensing technology) on the front and back. The key for investors will be the cost of these devices. 


Apple is expected to introduce its third generation iPad Pro which will feature a larger screen, removed home button, faster processor, and FaceID.  
Apple Watch: Apple is expected to introduce the Apple Watch Series 4 which will feature a larger screen and higher resolution displays.


Apple is expected to update its Macbook Air and Mac Mini products.
Finally, we will get a release date for Apple's iOS 12 mobile operating system, which the company unveiled at its developer conference in June. 

Do not expect the company to comment on any tariff impacts.




Apple broke out to new all-time highs last month after reporting upside third quarter results and guiding fourth quarter revenue above consensus. The stock languished at the end of the week last week as rumors circulated that tariffs will impact the company. The stock broke it’s consistent trend that started the beginning of August. It has held support at the 216-217 level.

Suppliers to Keep on Watch: 


The Event Notes:

iPhones: As expected, Apple introduced three new iPhones.

  • iPhone X S will come in a 5.8" Super Retna organic light-emitting diode display.

  • iPhone X Max will come in a 6.5" Super Retna organic light-emitting diode display.

  • Both phone will feature FaceID.

  • iPhone X R will feature a 6.1 inch LCD screen or 'liquid retina display.'

  • iPhone X R will start at $749.

  • iPhone X S will start at $999.

  • iPhone X Max will start at $1099.

  • iPhone X R will start shipping October 26.

  • iPhone X S and X Max will start shipping September 21. Pre-orders start Friday.

  • iPhone iOS 12 will be available September 17.

  • Apple Watch Series 4:

    • Watch will feature three new heart rate features.

    • Watch has new electrodes that will allow you to take an ECG.

    • Starts at $399 with GPS; Starts at $499 with cellular. Series 3 price will drop to $279.

    • Pre-orders begin Friday, September 14. Available at stores on September 21st.

    • IoS 5 will be available on September 17.

    • Potential related stocks; FIT, IRTC

Apple did not introduce a new iPad or Macs.

Suppliers to keep on note include: SSNLF, LPL (for displays) and LITE, FNSR and IIVI (for Face ID.) Other suppliers include: SWKS, CRUS, AVGO, QRVO, TSM, and QCOM, among others. (SMH)