Our fathers were our models for God. If our fathers bailed what does that tell you about God?

-Tyler Durden

A couple of weeks ago I released a podcast about the markets and likened it to relationships. At the tail end of that podcast I mentioned to everyone who was listening to be weary of frauds. Be weary of the club promoters out there. If you have not heard it, please give it a listen at the bottom. This piece will be an expose of sorts.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Really, I do. But, your online “faves” are likely full of shit. This morning I asked Kevin a simple question. Below you will see the twitter image. I made it a point of emphasis in my question to let him know that I was not attacking him and that I was simply asking him a question. As you can see from the exchange below, the question I asked him was fair. I also reiterated to him that I did not attack him and that he did not in fact answer my question. The result of my curiosity landed me in the “penalty box” with Kevin.

Conversation with KPak on Twitter

As you can see, that is a pretty innocuous question to avoid and to react that way to. In fact, it could have functioned in his benefit had he simply said “yes.” Instead, however, Kevin chose this route as he’s grown accustomed to doing in the last year or so.

I want to just go ahead and say this now. Kevin, you did this to yourself. You have no one to be angry at but yourself for what is about to transpire.

You see, there is a reason I asked Kevin that question. A specific reason that I am fairly sure he understood and wanted no part of. That question opened pandora’s box for him. In order to give you the context behind my question I have to take you all the way back to the summer of 2016. That was when I first encountered Kevin.

Kevin (not unlike many of these dudes you worship on Twitter) used to be a subscriber to my service. He joined in the summer of 2016. Though I am thankful for his membership, I must point out that I found some of my exchanges with him awfully odd in hindsight given that he is now championing as the “people’s mentor” online today. Take my first interaction with him for instance:

Kpak First Interaction

Though I am very thankful for the compliment, I find it interesting that his first interaction with me was to suggest that I can make more money by charging people more.

In my eyes, why would I need to charge more? I view it as a public good and the predominant lump sum majority of my income comes from trading. I don’t in fact need the money. I am just providing a service that I want to be fairly compensated for given my time and effort. It is however very interesting to take into account now that we know that Kevin in fact was charging $250.00 for a service that the did not operate as his full time job. A service in which he claimed was a “money back guarantee” though there are those online that claim that to be fraudulent (see image below).

Former Sub Gives Input on KPak

As you can see above, not only was this dude (allegedly) ripping people off, he was blocking them when they were requesting their “money back.”

That in and of itself is bad enough, but when I give you more context to the story you’ll see why he was quick to run from the basic question “would you pay $250 for your service.” In order to give you the full scope I will go into full detail below.

On August 19 2016 Kevin began messaging me and picking my brain about stocks and charting. In the image below he tells me that he’d just started charting the past month. Take a moment to take that into consideration. Today is the 12th of January 2019. This means that Kevin has officially been charting, not even trading, for two years and four months.

Kevin states he’d just started charting a month prior to August 19 2016.

So that I am being very clear, and so there is no point of confusion, I am attaching a chart that was posted by Kevin in the chat to clarify his identity is in fact the same individual. The last thing I want is for someone to try to disqualify this information with “how do I know this is the same person?”

Kevin spent five months in my chat his first stint. He stated that he had to cancel his subscription to focus on finding a balance between his work and trading. He stated he would be back should he have more time. About a year later he returned. He’d “gotten better” at finding that balance and was ready to give it another go. I never asked him what he meant originally, but given his track record and his behavior, I’d be willing to wager that he was not able to size his bets accordingly and was unable to maintain the profits he earned on some of the winners we had. This is not a shit talking experiment, nor is it me behaving holier than thou, this is just me speaking in probabilities. The probability is that an individual who first starts finding success in the summer of 2016 will squander some or most of that success on his or her first attempt. In this case he hit his biggest winner to date with the HSY trade I’d suggested which is shown on the chart below. (The HSY trade he referenced was a monster fyi that net us north of 30x our money)

The HSY trade he was talking about was one of my best trades that year.

About a half year later, Kevin returned. Having cleared up whatever “issue” occurred he was ready to give it another go. His charting had gotten better and he was now a bit more talkative. He was still such a novice however that he did not understand the basics of open interest and options spreads. He communicated that he would be paper trading to figure out his process but didn’t want to miss anything. I encouraged that sort of behavior as he was still trying to get his feet wet. Below you will see an exchange where I educate Kevin how option buying and open interest functions.

I want you to pay attention to oKevin’s words here. He states very clearly “I am no expert.” I now want you to pay attention to the dates. This was stated on April 21st 2017. Following that I explain to him that charts are probabilistic and that they are interpretive. I may see one thing and you may see another I also suggest different time frames.

Somewhere around May Kevin started trading his actual money again. I found this out when he asked our entire chat what “liquidations only” meant. You’ll see that exchange between he and me below.

Kevin admits he trades a 5k account

I want to stress that this is all behavior that I encourage everyone who is starting out to go through. I am in no way shape or form attempting to ridicule anyone who is NEW to trading to try different strategies and figure themselves out. If you are new to trading, ask as many questions as you’d like, read as much as you can, trade with as little money as you feel safe losing etc etc. This is not an exercise to bash the “little guy.” It is also however important to remember, Kevin does not behave like a little guy. He behaves like he is hot shit. Like he is a professional deserving of your $250/mont commitment. Let’s continue.

Kevin continued to ask questions and understand how I operated my trading strategy. He shared with me that he preferred confluence of support and fibs to set up trades. He also tells me that he “posts multiple fibs” which is the equivalent of just shooting fucking darts and hoping one hits a damn target.

This is Where I Lose My Shit:

In may of 2017 Kevin, who had not even been trading a goddamn year, was upset that no one was giving him the “love” he craves. Below you will see an image where he is telling me that I don’t even take his trades. Let me put this in fucking context for you. As of that moment in time, I had been trading for 12 years. HE had been a subscriber to my service on and off for almost 10 months. Yet he was telling me that I wasn’t taking his trades.



This twat with his $5,000 account is upset because I am not taking his trades? I spent around $120,000 in commissions alone last year. You want me to give a damn what you’re doing with your $5,000?

This exchange started to take fold around the time Kevin started to develop a reputation online. See the thing he’s actually good at, in my belief, is marketing/selling himself online. He has to. He’s not good enough a trader to earn a living off of that so early in the process (not even a year in), he realized it would be more lucrative to sell himself to the average joe who cannot tell the difference between trading and charting. More power to him for building a brand, but shame on him for trying to pull this bullshit.

Take My Word for it:

I have been trading publicly for about six years now. I never started out with the attempt to be forward facing. Trading was just a weird thing you couldn't talk to your friends about and created isolationism. But having done this as long as have, both online and alone, I have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t work. I have also noticed patterns of behavior that allow me to figure out pretty quickly (within a range) who succeeds and who does not.

I will not release the full conversations just yet but have no problem ripping this messianic huckster to fucking pieces should he dispute it. He is good at drawing lines, but he has admitted on multiple occasion that he cannot maintain the “fomo.” It is my belief that the dude has blown up his account at least on four occasion. Which is bad in and of itself.

The most damning part that gets me however is two fold:

First, from day one he was already ogling the amount of money someone can charge for a “service.” He had not even drawn lines on a damn chart for more than 17 months prior to starting up his own “service.” And it came on the heels of him not being able to resist chasing and (in my opinion) blowing up his account again, like a fucking loser.

Second, in almost every instance of market turn, or loss he took, he was “unavailable” because of some “unforeseen event.” This was both true while he was a member in my chat and when he ran his own. Though he’s gone back and deleted a tweet that was pretty damning for anyone who charges money let alone $250/month. I made sure to save a copy should I ever need to use it one day.

You want to take $250/month from people who believe you will actually help better their lives while you don’t have more than $5000 to trade with. Worse, you have never been able to double it. Even worse, all while not quitting your fucking job and being unable to maintain the obligations required because your employer has prevented you?


I want you to pay attention to my conversations with Kevin. I never showed any malice. I never got on him. I never pressured him into staying nor pressured him into leaving. I helped him at every turn. I gave him insight, spent time, encouraged him, for over a year and half. In his words I deserve to charge more. IN my words I want to help people. In his words I am the best trader he’s ever seen, in my words, there are better, in his words he cannot control his fomo, in my words I tell him to trade full time.

If you doubt that it is him, you can @ me or @simpletrader1 and we’ll show you the links proving this is in fact the same Kevin/Kpak. You can tell from his TradingView account yourself as well. Again, here is a screen of a chart he provided in my chat to show you it’s the same trading view account. You can see the same TV account is linked to his twitter profile.


I will also tell you the response will be pretty clear from him, “I traded with Wolfe and I lost everything” or “I couldn’t be profitable trading with Wolfe.” For any of you that actually want to know the details and want to know my metrics I am happy to share. I have a packet on my site that shows you how I traded $500 into $100K. The month that Kevin left to do his own thing last year I turned my friend’s $29K account into $118K in a month. I turned my own $130K trading account into $376K. I am happy to share this. And if you buy the pack showing you how I turned $500 into $100K and use the code KPAKFRAUD you will get it for free. You pay nothing. This is just so that fucking rat can’t try to manipulate the story.


Now that you have the story, I ask you, would you pay $250/month for Kevin’s “service” knowing he probably has not traded longer than you, has never been consistently profitable, is unable to quit his job despite charging people $250/month, is clearly in it for the money and the praise from you, is scamming people and not refunding them, and what I find to be most damning, not able to say he would pay himself $250/month for what he is offering.

There are a ton of people out there who provide quality setups and charts and do it for absolutely nothing at all. There are several more who charge for it and who you would find value in. This is not a Kevin is bad I’m better join me piece. This is a protecting the little guy from the fraud that exists out there.

This will be the first time I am abundantly critical of you Kevin. I’ve never said anything negative about you publicly.

All the “challenges” in the world can’t spare you from the sad reality that you are in fact a hack and a loser. You are not a trader. Good luck with your shitty life you miserable fucking liar.

I have a 23 year old model to get to.


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