We want to perceive ourselves as winners, but successful traders are always focusing on their losses.
— Peter Borish

I want to start by saying that even with today's nonsense I walked away from the table with a significantly profitable day. Not Wall Street billionaire or Oprah Winfrey Weight Watchers big, but big nonetheless. 

I have been a trader in some capacity, whether amateur or professional, for over nine years now. In my time I've survived some crazy upswings and some violent turmoil. I've seen companies implode and others sustain astronomical gains. I've watched as CNBC has recycled and churned their fair share of pundits and "hot shots." Like all "viewers" I have my fair share of likes and dislikes, I've ridden the wave of "Fuck you Uncle Carl" to "Holy shit, uncle Carl!", and have watched the totem pole of the "Hot new hedge fund king" get churned. 

With all that said, I've never seen anyone cross the airwaves (including Dan Nathan himself) in such privileged pejorative guile anywhere close to that of William "Bill" Ackman. Aside from his self absorbed attitude where even his billionaire peers hate his guts, I cannot recollect an instance in the last three years plus where that guy has been significantly right on anything. When I pour through his bio, I can't see anything really that screams "Brilliant" when it comes to trading or investing. I guess the MBIA thing maybe, yeah, maybe? 10% stake in Target? Well I guess if you have that kind of cash, yeah sure. The Barnes & Noble deal? Lol, really? That's all you got?

Before I go any further I want to take a moment and show a two graphs. I also want to remind everyone that no one individual is bigger than the tape. No matter what sort of self righteous  Napoleon complex exists with them, they are just minnow in an ocean of whales. 

Bubble Phases

Bubble Phases

These are the well known, repeated, and outlined phases of any stock market bubble and crash. 


VRX Weekly

If you lay VRX over the phases of a bubble what do you get?

Fucking perfection. 

Dear Bill, you privileged narcissistic asshole, you are fucking wrong. Admit it, move on.

The fun thing about the market is that even when you are right, but not right with the timing, you will go broke before you are actually right. I get it, you grew up in a privileged New York Real Estate family and are accustomed to hanging around people that were not on your level. But Billy, this is like the time where you bet your dad you'll get an 800 on your SAT. Except this time, your dad can't let you off the hook and you're fucking with other people's money. Not just your own. This isn't

Oh and Billy, take it from a guy who actually got a perfect test score and is used to being "The smartest guy in the room" (even with you in it). Doubling down on monopoly money at the tail end of a QE cycle is just lunacy. Especially when shit is broken. You might as well head to vegas "Playar." 

Based on nothing more than your arrogance I hope to God you're wrong and this VRX is Enron 2.0. Just so I can stop hearing about you and your self adoration. 

Aside from all this, I am just unsure how long this will last before people start to investigate if you're running a Ponzi Scheme the likes of which has not been seen since Bernie. Seriously, how is anyone as wrong as often as you are without any severe setbacks? Tick tock Billy, tick tock. 

Currently NO POSITION in VRX.