If you can understand relationships, you can understand the stock market.
— Wolfe

I'm often asked how long it takes for an individual to learn the stock game and my response is always unanimously that it will always vary from individual to individual. That said, the most important element to an individual's ability to grasp the market is their ability to master their own emotions. Not unlike "mastering" relationships, every individual's progress will be different and will remain relative to their own unique emotional ability. It's the individuals ability to grow, mature, and master their emotions that will allow them to find what they're looking for.

More often than not, people go into trading/investing with their end goal in mind and attempt to reverse engineer results around their goal. Though having goals and keeping targets is important/prudent, typically these goals can blind you from the overall process required to navigate to your goals. The mistake people often make is trying to find a way to their end goal rather than trying to find a process to actualize the goal. Though this may sound like the same thing, it is not and it is important to find the nuance between the two statements. It's the same thing as an individual that finds "love" and one that tries to find a relationship to fulfill love. Though a relationship may be the same common thread between the two scenarios, the two situations are in fact uniquely different. 

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When I attempt to explain the stock market to people who are just starting out I liken the market to relationships. Whether it's intimate relationships or personal ones, I strongly believe that the market's irrational behavior is not dissimilar than the irrational behavior of relationships. When you break it down to its most basic element, I believe the market and relationships both tug at us emotionally like no other and both will drive us to do things we normally would not do. Nothing (besides drugs, I guess) makes us feel higher and nothing crushes us emotionally more than these two. I also believe that relationships are a good foundation because they're something that everyone can relate to. It gives a good baseline for understanding and the similarities (emotionally and otherwise) are quite surreal.

I believe if you're able to understand relationships (on their most basic level) you're able to understand the market. Like a position you enter, a relationship beginning can be plotted and charted throughout its entirety. On the most basic level, the goal of any long position and any relationship is the same; to go from the lower left to the upper right. The longer your position lasts, the more plots you will have and the more room for ups and downs will exist. You will have days where your relationship is going great (gap ups) and you will have days where you fuck up and sleep on the couch (gap downs). As long as the underlying health of your relationship (fundamentals) is concrete, your relationship should overcome these small blips and continue its growth to a new high. 

If you've followed me online the last few years you know little about me. Many of you may believe that the moniker I have online is a cheesy copy from "The Wolf of Wall Street" or some other BS like that. Wolfe is in fact my name, and what I go by day to day. In the last three years I've done my best to keep my private life private and my internet persona separate. That said, and with a lot of prodding from a good friend, I've decided to open up a little bit on a podcast you can find below. This is just a conversation that will give you a little insight to who I am and what I'm all about.

In the podcast below I speak on the basic level of relationships and the stock market along with a myriad of rambles that will just give you some introspection of who I am. This basic concept about relationships will be the introduction to a multi part podcast series where I will go more in depth with the similarities between stocks and relationships and how you can use the basic psychology of relationships to make you a more well rounded investor/trader.