Tesla (TSLA) will report fourth quarter results on its website soon after the bell and Elon Musk will host a call at 18:30. 

Tesla preannounced production and delivery figures that narrowly missed estimates on January 2. Fourth quarter production was up 8% sequentially to 86,555 and deliveries were up 8% sequentially to 90,700. Deliveries of the Model 3 grew 13% sequentially to 63,150, narrowly missing estimates.

Bears remain skeptical about demand for the Model 3, especially after price cuts. 

Bears still point to demand and liquidity concerns. The company will owe $920 million for a convertible bond on March 1 if the stock is below $360.

Analysts expect adjusted EPS of $2.02 (vs. a $3.04 loss last year) with revenue up 116% to $7.09B. 


The weekly options imply an ~10% move in the stock by Friday. Some 21% of the 125M share float is sold short.


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