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Canada Goose (GOOS) will report Q1 before the market opens tomorrow With a conference call to follow at 9 AM ET.

Current Cap IQ consensus estimates Q1 EPS of CAD -0.24 (vs CAD -0.16 last year) on revs of CAD 54.4 mln (+22% Y/Y)

GOOS does not update guidance on a quarterly basis but may update its FY 20 guidance

Current Cap IQ Estimates FY EPS of CAD 1.69 (vs CAD 1.36 in 2018) on revs of CAD 1.04 bln (+25% Y/Y)

Analysts are expecting the co to raise FY 19 revs guidance

GOOS missed on revs for the first time as a publicly traded company last quarter.GOOS is in full fast-growth/expansion mode so investors will be looking to make sure that they are not showing any signs of slowing down. A strong Q1 could signal the company is successfully expanding from its niche to become a more-well-rounded clothing brand.

Like many names in retail, China is viewed as a huge growth opportunity for the co.


GOOS trades at Enterprise/EBITDA value of 21.4x

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